[Eeglablist] ICA and Studys?

Andrew Hill andrewhill at ucla.edu
Mon Dec 20 14:21:59 PST 2010

Just wondering if I'm doing something methodologically wrong:

I have several .bdf files with multiple behavioral events embedded in the event list - I wrote a script to import each one, filter, extract epochs of one type, run ICA on the epochs, and then save the resulting .set file.

When I create studys (via a script) with the epoched, ICA'd .sets, I get warning messages after I add each subject's files (6 per subject, using 2 different epoched files each from 3 different sessions):

Warning: ***** change STUDY design as it combines datasets with different ICA decompositions

The Studys I create this way appear to be ok: status says "ready to precluster", but have I done something "wrong"? 


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