[Eeglablist] Online visual brain atlas: brainSCANr

Bradley Voytek bradley.voytek at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 21:09:02 PST 2010

Dear friends and colleagues:

For years now I've been wanting a repository where I can easily check
to see what functions a brain region is associated with and what other
brain regions it's connected to.

Well, no one ever got around to making that happen, so my wife and I
just made our own.

Introducing brainSCANr!


brainSCANr (The Brain Systems, Associations, Connections, and Network
Relationships engine) works by searching PubMed for the co-occurence
of brain region name, cognitive/behavioral functions, and diseases to
build a connection matrix that you can graphically explore.

Want to know what the amygdala does and what it connects with? What
about Parkinson's disease? Attentional capacity? Just search! You can
also see all the papers used to populate the database.

All of the raw data is available for you to play with, too. Check out
all the details here:

And if you like it and think it's useful, please pass it along to
neuroscience friends and colleagues! And if you have any comments or
suggestions, let me know!


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