[Eeglablist] Online visual brain atlas: brainSCANr

Agatha Lenartowicz alenarto at ucla.edu
Wed Dec 29 08:31:35 PST 2010

Check out... http://www.cognitiveatlas.org/


On Dec 21, 2010, at 9:09 PM, Bradley Voytek wrote:

> Dear friends and colleagues:
> For years now I've been wanting a repository where I can easily check
> to see what functions a brain region is associated with and what other
> brain regions it's connected to.
> Well, no one ever got around to making that happen, so my wife and I
> just made our own.
> Introducing brainSCANr!
> http://www.brainscanr.com
> brainSCANr (The Brain Systems, Associations, Connections, and Network
> Relationships engine) works by searching PubMed for the co-occurence
> of brain region name, cognitive/behavioral functions, and diseases to
> build a connection matrix that you can graphically explore.
> Want to know what the amygdala does and what it connects with? What
> about Parkinson's disease? Attentional capacity? Just search! You can
> also see all the papers used to populate the database.
> All of the raw data is available for you to play with, too. Check out
> all the details here:
> http://www.brainscanr.com/Paper
> And if you like it and think it's useful, please pass it along to
> neuroscience friends and colleagues! And if you have any comments or
> suggestions, let me know!
> ::brad
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