[Eeglablist] Doing ERP with Emotiv EPOC

Prof. Dr. Stefan Debener stefan.debener at uni-oldenburg.de
Tue Nov 20 12:34:20 PST 2012

Hi Marco,

Event timing using the original Emotiv testbench software is indeed poor, and to some extent this is due to the relatively low sampling rate implemented. However, using OpenVibe we finally got pretty reasonable ERPs out of the Emotiv amplifier, allowing us to study auditory oddball P300 single-trial discrimination even while subjects walk freely outdoors. You may want to look up our paper:

Debener et al. (2012) How about taking a low-cost, small, and wireless EEG for a walk? Psychophysiology, 49, 1617-1621.

However, I should say that our experience with the original Emotiv headset is, well, moderate at best. In our experience a much better signal quality can be obtained  by connecting the Emotiv amp to proper sintered AgAgcl electrode caps. We have a little movie on the web demonstrating the system used in the paper, and how it looks like, if you wanna replicate it yourself:



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Dear eeglab list,

I've been trying to do ERPs with Emotiv EPOC headset. After some issues
on the event marking, I could finally register my stimuli in the signal.
However, I found that the difference between triggers (Inter Stimulus
Interval) was not constant (however I did it constant on the stimulation
system) and the resulting signal was really weird.

The ISI issue I think it's due to Emotiv's low sampling rate. However, I
would expect to see something in the signal.

I was wondering if anyone have ever tried this?

Best regards,
Marco Simões
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