[Eeglablist] extracting non event related epochs

James Desjardins jdesjardins at brocku.ca
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Hi Payashi,

To select epochs I would use pop_select in the form:


... where the values [900:960] refer to trial/epoch indices.

If you used the vised_marks plugin to generate the regular interval epochs there should be a field in the EEG.epoch structure named "startpnt" that represents the data point index from the continuous data where the current epoch originated. So if you wanted to extract all of the epochs that originated between 5 minutes and 6 minutes (between 300 and 360 seconds) in the continuous data you could use the following:

epoch_inds=find([EEG.epoch.startpnt]>300*EEG.srate & [EEG.epoch.startpnt]<360*EEG.srate);

Let me know if this is what you need.

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Dear EEG lab list,

I have resting EEG data recordings which are 2 hours in length. I wish to extract 30 one second epochs from various portions of the data. I have epoched the data using the vised marks plugin, but I am struggling to extract the desired epochs as there are no 'events' as such to mark the data.

Do you have any advice on how to go about doing this?

Many thanks
Best wishes

Dr Payashi Garry MB BChir FRCA
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