[Eeglablist] Tenure-track faculty position at The Division of Schizophrenia Research, Rutgers University

Emily Kappenman eskappenman at ucdavis.edu
Tue Aug 19 09:40:45 PDT 2014

The Division of Schizophrenia Research at Rutgers Biomedical and Health
Sciences (RBHS), located in Piscataway, NJ, is looking to hire a full-time
faculty member at the Instructor or Assistant Professor level.  Within RBHS
there would be appointments at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
(Department of Psychiatry) and Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care
(UBHC).  This would be a full-time, tenure-track, research position with
full support for 3 years, and the expectation of having 40% or more salary
coverage by grants (one’s own, or others’) by the beginning of the 4th
year.  This could include a K award.  The ideal candidate will have: 1) a
doctoral degree in psychology with a specialization in clinical
psychology/science; candidates in other areas will be considered; 2)
experience in schizophrenia research and treatment; 3) a background in
cognitive neuroscience, with expertise in EEG/ERP recording and/or related
techniques (e.g., MEG, tDCS); 4) a strong or promising publication record;
and 5) a history of acquiring extramural funding, or evidence of
competitiveness in this regard.   The person to be hired will work within
the Division of Schizophrenia Research [http://ubhc.rutgers.edu/dsr/
<http://ubhc.rutgers.edu/dsr/%5d%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%0d> directed
by Steven Silverstein, Ph.D.

The faculty member will be expected to develop his/her own independent research
program, but it should be complementary to existing research, which is
primarily in the following areas: 1) visual processing impairments in
schizophrenia (using psychophysics, fMRI, and retinal imaging) and their
prodromal expression, longitudinal course, relationships with symptoms, and
significance for predicting relapse and treatment response; and 2)
cognitive and perceptual remediation in schizophrenia.  There are also
ongoing studies involving family treatment and other interventions.  We are
particularly interested in hiring someone who could develop a program of
ERP research on vision, integrate ERP indices into studies of clinical
prediction and treatment response, and train staff on clinical and
cognitive measures.  There are also opportunities to supervise psychology
interns and post-doctoral fellows, and to mentor graduate students in
neuroscience.  Classroom teaching is not required, but opportunities are

Rutgers is a large university and offers many collaborative opportunities
with neighboring departments and centers including the Center for Cognitive
Science, the Rutgers University Brain Imaging Center, and the Departments
of Psychology, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and Genetics, among others.
UBHC is one of the largest academically-affiliated mental health service
delivery systems in the United States, and sees over 10,000 patients a
year, most of whom have a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia.
There are patients at the inpatient, partial hospital, outpatient, and
residential levels of care, affording opportunities for longitudinal
studies across phases of illness.  To apply, please submit a cover letter,
a research statement, a CV, 2-3 representative publications, and 3 letters
of recommendation to Caren Alexander at
alexanch at ubhc.rutgers.edu<mailto:alexanch at ubhc.rutgers.edu>.  Review of
applications will begin September 15th.

Emily S. Kappenman, Ph.D.
UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain
267 Cousteau Place
Davis, CA 95618
eskappenman at ucdavis.edu
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