[Eeglablist] p and F values, difference wave, mean amplitudes

Deniz Dohmen deniz.dohmen at live.de
Fri Aug 29 07:45:12 PDT 2014

Dear List,

I did all the preprocessing of my data, epoched and created a STUDY with 4 conditions for 11 subjects (I'm only comparing conditions a vs b and c vs d, respectively. Thus, two paired t-tests).
I also get the graphs and a grey shaded area for the significant latencies. However, I need to get t and p values for my masterthesis. Really struggling to get those.
Furthermore, I need to get the mean amplitude of the respective difference waves for the 350-450ms latency (in order to correlate them with another measure.
Any advice on how to go about this?
I'm under a bit of time pressure and would appreciate any help!


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