[Eeglablist] importing ANT.cnt files to EEGLAB

Krishnan, Ananthanarayan rkrish at purdue.edu
Wed Sep 3 13:12:18 PDT 2014

Dear Steve,
I am trying to import ANT files to EEG lab on my 64 bit MAC. I have copied the ANT plugin to the plugin folder in eeglab. I get the following error message when I try to import:

EEGLAB error in function loadeep() at line 75:

Invalid MEX-file ‘/Users/rkrish/Docuemtns/MATLAB/toolbox/eeglab13/plugins/ANTeepimport1.10/read_eep
_vnt.mexmaci64’:dlopen(/Users/rkrish/Documents/MATLAB/toolbox/eeglab13/plugins/ANTeepimport1.10/read_eep-cnt.mexmaci64,6): Library not loaded:/opt/ant-matlab/lib/libeep.3.dylib

Reference from: /Users/rkrish/Documents/MATLAB/toolbox/eeglab13/plugins/ANTeeimport1.10/read_eep-cnt.mexmaci64

Reason:image not found

Note yellow highlighted portions should be an underscore not a dash!

Would appreciate your help to resolve this issue! Many thanks, Ravi

Ravi Krishnan, PhD
Purdue University

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