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Hi Germano,


It looks like the runamica12.m file is acting strangely … Near the top of the m-file, there should be a variable AMBIN defined, which should be ‘amica12win64.exe’ for win64 … it tries to query the environment to find out what kind of machine you are using, but this may be failing on your system for some reason. Probably the easiest thing to do is hard code the AMBIN variable to the name of the amica binary for your system, commenting out the machine query. AMBIN should be the name of the binary, e.g. AMBIN = ‘amica12win64.exe’, and it should be in the matlab path. If the binary is not in the matlab path, use the full path, e.g. (AMBIN = ‘E:\...\AMICA\amica12win64.exe’).


Hope that helps.




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Dear eeglab users,

I'm trying to use AMICA on MATLAB, but I seem to have problems with the path.
I load the EEG structure into the workspace and I type:

>> outdir = 'E:\work\golf_coherence\';
>> runamica12('E:\work\golf_coherence\sample.fdt', 'num_chans', EEG.nbchan, 'outdir', outdir);

The system cannot find the path specified. 
The system cannot find the path specified. 
The system cannot find the path specified. 
No recognized parallel environment found. Run qconf -spl to get a list of available environments and use keyword use_pe.
Running locally with maximum of 4 threads.
A subdirectory or file E:\work\golf_coherence\ already exists. 
??? Undefined function or variable "AMBIN".

Error in ==> runamica12 at 849
    system([AMBIN ' ' outdir 'input.param']);

'sample.fdt' contains epoched data, which have been high-pass filtered above 1 Hz, with large artifacts being removed (pop_autorej()) and baseline set as the whole epoch. EEG.data size is 36, 2048, 60.
All AMICA functions are in the folder C:\Users\germano\Documents\AMICA, which is in MATLAB's path. 
I use MATLAB (R2009b) and EEGLAB v13.1.1 on Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit.

Thanks for your help!


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