[Eeglablist] portable eeg systems

RHONDA MCCLAIN rxm390 at psu.edu
Thu Sep 18 04:41:56 PDT 2014

I am posting a few questions about portable EEG systems. 1. Are any of them
good enough to use for experimental work? In, other words can you get
high-quality signal assuming you are in low-noise environments and do proper
prepping? 2. Has anyone tried the data analysis software that comes with these
systems? Has anyone tried to use EEGlab with the output from one of these
portable EEG software packages?3. Do you know the price range for these types
of systems?4. Has anyone tried to travel abroad with a portable system? 
I did look into the Mitsar 202 portable system and if anyone has any experience
with that brand, I would be particularly interested in hearning about it.

Rhonda McClain
Graduate Student Researcher
Room 6 Moore Building Basement
rxm390 at psu.edu

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