[Eeglablist] about the evoked activity and induced activity

Hui-bin Jia 420247417 at qq.com
Fri Sep 19 21:12:11 PDT 2014

        I have a question about the evoked and induced activity‍.   

        As we all know, spontaneous EEG activity follow " the 1/f law", which means the spectral power of lower band is much larger than the spectral power of the higher band. In rest EEG, alpha band power may be the largest one.
        Does the evoked activity and induced activity,which were calculated by subtracting the ‍pre-stimulus power  from the post-stimulus power ‍at each frequency, follow the same law? Is it possible that  the magnitudes of ‍the evoked or induced activity  at each frequency are equal?

        Any reply will be appreciated !‍

Hui-bin jia
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