[Eeglablist] Downloading contaminated EEG

Samaneh Valipour samanehvalipour61 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 07:16:26 PDT 2014

Dear eeglablists,
I have seen in some papers which they have mentioned this address for
downloading contaminated EEG signals with EOG artifacts.
"http://www.sccn.ucsd.edu/~arno/fam2data/publicly available EEG data.html"
Unfortunately when I use this address for downloading same data, error 404
is there. Does anyone know how can I download such contaminated EEG data ?
*With very kind regards,*

*Samaneh .Valipour*

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                           Pune Ganeshkhind,
                          Pune-411007 ,
                           Maharashtra, (India) *
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