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Dear Eric,

The  main idea of rereferencing is to remove the constant potential added
by the reference electrode to each of the other electrodes. if not
referenced to the average, *visually* we tend to identify the scalp
activations skewed away from the reference site which might be sometimes
interpreted as hemispheric lateralization. Rereferencing takes away this
ambiguity greatly. Another very important reason for rereferencing is the
assumption of quasi-stationarity during source localization (computing
inverse solutions) of the source which would lead to the activations on
surface of the head summing up to zero. average referencing does exactly

here are references to two very nicely written papers on  rereferencing.

Murray, M. M., Brunet, D., & Michel, C. M. (2008). Topographic ERP
Analyses: A Step-by-Step Tutorial Review. *Brain Topography*, *20*(4),
249–264. doi:10.1007/s10548-008-0054-5
Michel, C. M., Murray, M. M., Lantz, G., Gonzalez, S., Spinelli, L., &
Grave de Peralta, R. (2004). EEG source imaging. *Clinical Neurophysiology*,
*115*(10), 2195–2222. doi:10.1016/j.clinph.2004.06.001


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