[Eeglablist] Import HDF5 into EEGLab

Laysa Hedjar lh1976a at student.american.edu
Mon Oct 6 09:42:39 PDT 2014


Is there a way to import HDF5 files into EEGLab? I recorded data with
g.Recorder (from g.tec) and it saves the raw data as an HDF5 file. If I
import it into g.BSanalyze (g.tec's data analysis program), it can be saved
as a .mat file; however, it still doesn't import properly into EEGLab (I am
told this is because of the header info in the file). I can't figure out
how to strip the header info from the .mat file so that EEGLab can read it
properly. Does anyone have any advice?


Laysa H
American University
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