[Eeglablist] ICA for artifact removal with few channels

Becky Prince becky.prince at york.ac.uk
Thu Oct 16 07:49:12 PDT 2014

Dear List,

I'm working on a frequency analysis of resting EEG with relatively few
channels (6 scalp, 2 mastoids, 2 EOGs), and I'd like to be able to extract
reliable estimates of low frequency power.  In previous analyses I have
used ICA to remove artifacts, but this was with 64-channel data.  Has
anyone used ICA for artifact removal with a low-density channel array, or
could anyone recommend resources on pipelines for this type of data and

If ICA can't be used with this data, then I suppose the alternative is to
remove segments containing artifacts, and then only analyse the remaining
segments that are long enough to extract an estimate of the lowest
frequency (e.g. ~1.5 seconds for a minimum frequency of 2 Hz).  Is this
correct, or is there a better approach?

Sorry that this is not strictly an EEGLAB question.  I am doing the
analysis in EEGLAB so any EEGLAB-specific tips would be appreciated!


Becky Gilbert (nee Prince)
PhD Researcher

Lab C120
Department of Psychology
University of York
Heslington, York, YO10 5DD, UK
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