[Eeglablist] ICA results are not applied after copying to new data set

Becky Prince becky.prince at york.ac.uk
Wed Oct 29 11:39:15 PDT 2014

Dear list,

I've run ICA on a cleaned sets of data and then subtracted the components
representing artifacts.  I'm now trying to copy the ICA results for each
subject into a different data set, but it isn't working - the ICA fields
are copied successfully, but the channel data are unaffected by ICA (i.e.
the removed ICs are still present in the data).

Here's the code, where ALLEEG(1) is the data set with ICA applied and with
components removed, and ALLEEG(2) is the data set that I would like to
apply the ICA results to.

ALLEEG(2).icaact = ALLEEG(1).icaact;
ALLEEG(2).icawinv = ALLEEG(1).icawinv;
ALLEEG(2).icasphere = ALLEEG(1).icasphere;
ALLEEG(2).icaweights = ALLEEG(1).icaweights;
ALLEEG(2).icachansind = ALLEEG(1).icachansind;
ALLEEG(2).etc = ALLEEG(1).etc;
ALLEEG(2) = eeg_checkset(ALLEEG(2));

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?


Becky Gilbert (nee Prince)
PhD Researcher

Lab C120
Department of Psychology
University of York
Heslington, York, YO10 5DD, UK
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