[Eeglablist] Several questions for the EEG community

Paul Kieffaber pdkieffaber at wm.edu
Fri Oct 31 05:45:18 PDT 2014

Greetings EEG community,
My colleagues and I are submitting a grant that (if funded) will support
the development of pedagogical and training materials for EEG/ERP methods
in the context of cognitive neuroscience.  The materials will be geared
towards undergraduate training/education but will span topics appropriate
for graduate training as well.  The purpose of this email is to gauge
interest and/or need for such materials.  We would greatly appreciate it if
you would take just a few minutes to answer just six questions by clicking
the link below.


The intent is that the materials would be freely and publicly available.
The materials will be modular such that modules could be used in sequence
or independently to supplement both class and lab activities, enhancing
current courses or supporting the development of an entire course on the
topic of EEG/ERP methods. The modules  could also be used as training
materials for students conducting research in the laboratory or by anyone
inexperienced in EEG/ERP methods desiring to expand their research horizons
by including EEG. The materials will span a variety of topics, including
general procedures for working with human participants and recording EEG,
the physical and physiological basis of EEG signals, experimental design,
and time- and frequency-domain analyses, and will include sample programs
(i.e., code), data analysis guides, and a pre-recorded database.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Paul Kieffaber, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology &
Program in Neuroscience
The College of William & Mary
(757) 221-1965
pdkieffaber at wm.edu
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