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James Desjardins jdesjardins at brocku.ca
Tue Nov 4 06:09:46 PST 2014

Hi Richard,

It sounds like you are interested in serial farming matlab scripts that use EEGLAB functions, where each worker will be doing something completely independent (e.g. load at file, then run ica, then save a file). So they can be run at the same time (or at different times, it does not really matter).

So with a parfor loop you would do something like:

parfor i=1:lenght(filenamelist)
    load in filename i
    run ica
    save out filename i

I have done this kind of thing with EEGLAB and Matlab PCT (version R2010b, on SHARCNet Linux clusters). EEGLAB does not have a problem with this.

If this is the kind of serial farming that you are interested in I recommend trying to run all of your serial scripts in Octave. You can run as many instances of Octave as you want on a cluster (until the hardware is saturated) and EEGLAB functions are very compatible with Octave execution (EEGLAB functions run in Octave with no modifications if you call octave with the --traditional option... also the Octave equivalents for the Signal and Statistics toolboxes are readily available).

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Hello! We are planning to set up a server for running our EEG analyses
with EEGLAB. The Parallel Computing Toolbox (PCT) [1] in conjunction
with the Distributed Computing Server (DCS) [2] appears to be pretty
promising to me.

The PCT allows for the straightforward execution of calculations in a
parallel manner. In the most simple approach, 'for' loops could just
be replaced with 'parfor' loops, which would execute the loop
iterations independently on different workers.

Now I do understand that this approach only works if one iteration
does not depend on the results of another (because they are processed
in parallel). However, I was wondering

o if EEGLAB keeps internal states (caches, heuristics, ...) during a
calculation, which might then have implications on a second
calculation running in parallel, and if so,
o whether the worker processes are actual separate Matlab processes
completely independent of one another, meaning internal EEGLAB states
in one worker would not influence calculations in another. (I could
not find any documentation about this particular question on the
Matlab website.)

Thank you very much for your help!


[1] http://www.mathworks.com/products/parallel-computing/index.html
[2] http://www.mathworks.com/products/distriben/index.html
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