[Eeglablist] Lateralisation of the mu rhythm during observation of complex actions

Marco Montalto montaltomarco at onvol.net
Tue Nov 4 10:49:30 PST 2014

Dear List,

In an action observation study during which participants viewed video clips of complex, whole-body, dance actions, I get significant activity from zero baseline at sites Cz and C4 but none at C3. Can anyone advise me why this lateralisation of the mu rhythm? In previous studies such lateralisation could be accounted for due to the fact that participants were presented with left (or right) hand actions? In such cases mu activity was contralateral to the observed hand. Could the result I am getting be due to the fact that the dance actions presented to the participants were mostly asymmetrical?

I would be very grateful for any advise anyone would supply me with.


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