[Eeglablist] About rank matching during ICA

nabaraj dahal nabarajdahal at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 19:01:44 PST 2014

Dear list,

I have been reading about removing one channel after rerefrencing  the data
to average to match the rank before ICA but still confused whether it need
to be the EEG data or the reference data.

I have 32 channel recording with earlobe A1 and A2 as the reference channel.
After aretefact reduction using ICA , I want to rerefrence the data to back
to average of A1 and A2.

For the preparaion of ICA, I refrenced all the channnels to the common
aveage and then run the ICA by excluding on of the reference channel A2 to
match the rank. But , I still got the warning message:

*Warning: fixing rank computation inconsistency (31 vs 30) most likely
because running under Linux 64-bit Matlab*

Is there anything to worry about?
Also, I could not differential one of my component to be artefact or
cortical componets. I would be grateful if someone could comment ( on the
component of link below):


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