[Eeglablist] Edit event field(s)

Daniele Marasco daniele.marasco at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 14:24:04 PST 2014

Dear list,
I import event list from the last channel: in "plot"-->"channel data
(scroll)",  I find all my events with the label "chann33"!
After: "edit"-->"event field", "type" box, "browse button"...and I choose
my sequence file (txt, with only one column with labels two-character long:
ST, TA, RE, ST, ST, ecc.).
But if I re-open "channel data scroll" I always find only "S", "T", "R"
while I'd like to find "ST", TA", and so on.
How could I format my txt (sequence) file to reach my target?

Thank you!
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