[Eeglablist] removing eye blinks from 256 channel EEG

K Jeffrey Eriksen eriksenj at ohsu.edu
Wed Nov 26 15:18:14 PST 2014


Does anyone out there have particular experience from removing eye blinks from 256 channel EEG data using ICA? I have started to apply it to 11 subjects with data recorded at 1,000 frame/sec, bandpass filtered & downsampled to 250 fps. My epochs range from 3 to 20 minutes. I generally find 1-3 ICs for each subject. When I remove these, there is still visible remnants around the time of each eye blink. Of more concern is that the general background noise goes UP after these 1-3 components are removed.

Any ideas that might improve my results? I can post some screenshots if need be.

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