[Eeglablist] spectopo with just the values without plotting

James Bonello jamesbonello9 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 08:48:58 PST 2014

Hi EEGLablist,

I am trying to calculate the PSD value for a range of frequencies, for 23
channels, for 1799 epochs. Spectopo gets the required psd values well, but
it is also integrated with the whole plotting part as well. Due to this,
this computation greatly decreases in speed after a short number of epochs
(after around 13 - 20) and before considering parallelisation (any knows if
such a parallelisation is made simple by some EEGLab function), I would
first like to verify that the efficiency drop is not just due to the whole
added plotting part. If that is the case, I would like to know whether a
raw spectopo version which does not perform plotting but just gives the
required values is available. Thanks in advance!


*James Bonello*
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