[Eeglablist] splitting a set file in half

Brittany Alperin balperin07 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 00:17:08 PST 2014


I have a series of set files that I want to split in half. They are divided
into two second epochs, but each dataset does not have the same number of
epochs. What I would like to do is split each file in half. Is there a way
to do this and save the two halves?

My roundabout plan was to cut out the first half of the data, save that,
reload the original data, cut out the second half of the data, and save
that so I would end up with the first half and last half. My issue has been
telling the select data function that I want epochs 1 through whatever the
half point is. I've used the parameter EEG.xmax to represent the total
length of the file, but when I try several different division commands, it
doesn't work. I've tried the following with and without parentheses:


I have a feeling the EEG.xmax might not be the correct command because my
data has been epoched.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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