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Deborah Apthorp deborah.apthorp at anu.edu.au
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Hi all,

I was hoping the list would be able to help me with some technical decision-making. We are putting in an Equipment Grant to purchase an active electrode EEG system for the School of Psychology here at ANU. We already have a Neuroscan NuAmps system, but it is not suitable for use on young children, and takes rather a long time to set up.

We were considering a BioSemi ActiveTwo<http://www.neurospec.com/?p=prodresearch_acqres_biosemi> system, but my colleagues also want me to look at Geodesic<http://www.egi.com/clinical-division/clinical-division-clinical-products/ges-400-series> and NeuroPraxx TMS/tDCS<http://www.rogue-resolutions.com/system/neuro-prax-tms-eeg-tdcs-eeg/> systems.

Would anyone be able to give me more information on the relative merits and/or drawbacks of any of these systems? We would like it to be as flexible as possible for use with both child and adult subjects, and to deliver good quality research data that can be analysed in either EEGlab or BESA. Also it definitely needs to be fast and easy to set up.



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