[Eeglablist] g.Recorder hdf5 files into EEGLAB

David Ryan ryand1 at goldmail.etsu.edu
Tue Dec 9 15:38:55 PST 2014

Hello all,
I have posted a question here before and gotten some good feedback on the
process of importing g.Recorder hdf5 files into EEGLAB. To re-cap: I have
been given the task of analyzing data salvaged from a broken hard drive,
from a study done a few years ago. I have g.Recorder hdf5 files that need
artifact rejection (eye blink, eye movement) and ERPs that need to be
extracted from 4 different triggers from E-prime.

The current method I am using is the "ghdf5read.m" provided with g.Recorder
to import the hdf5 files into Matlab. I then save the files as *.mat files
and import them directly into EEGLAB. I input the number of channels (32)
and sample rate (256). The trouble is it still says there is only one
channel of data and I cannot get the additional information about events (4
ERP types) into EEGLAB. It has a feature to add event data from an E-Prime
ASCII file; however, I'm not sure how to find this file or what it might be
called. I am fairly certain that there is a channel of event data in the
hdf5 file, however I do not know what channel it might be or how to find

Any help with this problem would be great!

David Ryan PhD
Experimental Psychology
Brain-Computer Interface Laboratory
East Tennessee State University
Laboratory*:* 423.439.6924
Website: http://www.etsu.edu/cas/bcilab
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