[Eeglablist] Compiled version of EEGLAB/ERPLAB for Linux x86_64?

Kartik Subbarao subbarao at computer.org
Thu Dec 11 17:39:07 PST 2014

Hi everyone,

My professional background is in IT, and I've recently been 
investigating EEG in more detail. I'm looking to do some investigations 
with EEGLAB/ERPLAB and consumer-grade EEG hardware. I don't currently 
have access to MATLAB, so I'm not able to install EEGLAB. I saw that a 
compiled version of an older version of EEGLAB ( is available 
for Windows, and I can check that out, but ideally I'd like to keep up 
with the most recent versions of the software, and I'd prefer to be able 
to run it on Linux.

I'd like to ask the developers how involved the process is for compiling 
the software, and whether that can be integrated into the standard 
release process. If it will help, I'd be willing to volunteer any 
software integration assistance that I might be able to provide -- it'd 
be great if this open-source software were more broadly available 
without having to purchase MATLAB. From reading this page:


I get the sense that the compilation process is straightforward, and 
there don't seem to be major barriers to making it available on a 
regular basis. If there are, I'd definitely like to understand this 
better -- and again, offer to help if possible.

With lower-cost EEG hardware becoming increasingly available (such as 
the 16-channel OpenBCI system and the upcoming 64-channel EEG64 system), 
I imagine that there will be more demand for EEGLAB among a wider 
community of independent researchers.

I'd appreciate any thoughts, comments, suggestions that you can provide.



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