[Eeglablist] Error in eeg_checkchanlocs>insertchans (line 210)

Andrea Bernasconi DG andrea.bernasconi.dg at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 14:05:42 PST 2014

Dear Madame/Sir,

I am following the tutorial at
using eeglab13_4_3b under matlab/r2014b and I get the errors reported below.

Using the previous version of eeglab under matlab/r2014a there was no errors.

I am doing something wrong?

Sincerely, Andrea Bernasconi

>> version
ans = (R2014b)
>> eeglab
Warning: MATLAB has disabled some advanced graphics rendering features by switching to software OpenGL. For more
information, click here. 
eeglab: options file is ~/eeg_options.m
EEGLAB: adding "dipfit" v2.3 (see >> help eegplugin_dipfit)
EEGLAB: adding "firfilt" v1.6.1 (see >> help eegplugin_firfilt)
You are using the latest version of EEGLAB.
pop_loadset(): loading file /users/aberna/matlabtools/eeglab13_4_3b/sample_data/eeglab_data.set ...
Reading float file '/users/aberna/matlabtools/eeglab13_4_3b/sample_data/eeglab_data.fdt'...
Creating a new ALLEEG dataset 1
IMPORTANT: After importing/modifying data channels, you must close
the channel editing window for the changes to take effect in EEGLAB.
TIP: Call this function directy from the prompt, ">> pop_chanedit([]);"
     to convert between channel location file formats
Warning: channel labels should not be empty, creating unique labels 
No public field datachan exists for class matlab.ui.Figure.
Error in eeg_checkchanlocs>insertchans (line 210)
[chans.datachan] = deal(1);
Error in eeg_checkchanlocs (line 60)
    [chanedit,dummy,complicated] = insertchans(chans, chaninfo);
Error in pop_chanedit (line 204)
    [tmp chaninfo chans] = eeg_checkchanlocs(chans, chaninfo); 
Error using waitfor
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback


Andrea Bernasconi

Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland 
Civic Hospital (EOC) of Lugano

Skype       abernasconidg
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