[Eeglablist] EEGLAB Version 13.4.3b is now available !

Ramón Martinez nucleuscub at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 15:02:47 PST 2014

Dear EEGLAB users,

A new version of EEGLAB (Version 13.4.3b) has been released recently. This
release contains a number of important bug fixes and improvements.
Primarily, issues related to the new graphic system in MATLAB 2014b were
fixed in order to make our toolbox compatible with all the recent versions
of MATLAB. We would like to acknowledge the insightful inputs from Prof.
Simon Shlomo Poil (VU University Amsterdam). Thanks Simon!

Additionally, this will be the last version released under SVN since we
have started working with GIT as a revision control system to manage the
EEGLAB repositories. You will find this repo at:

The wiki will be updated soon to reflect this change. This new system will
provide a more suitable environment for collaboration, tool development and
bug fixes across all the EEGLAB community. We are very excited about the
good that this will bring to our community!


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