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Hi Nico and Yamil,

In addition to Nicolas' question and Yamil's suggestion, I also wanted to know a way to make topographical plots for particular frequency bands. like when using pop_spectopo, instead of giving particular frequency values (like default 6, 11 and 22) is it possible to give a frequency band - say Alpha as average of all frequencies from 8-12Hz ?

But from what Nico said - it seems he wants to plot this information "at a specific time point".
As far as I know, the frequency domain / power spectral density plot as made by spectopo should give this information about a specific time interval of data - say 1 second/ 10 seconds etc. I don't think it can be for a particular time point. There might be ways to make this time segment shorter, but that would probably be detrimental to the depiction of slower waveforms.
On the other hand, I wonder whether Wavelet based methods will be more appropriate for shorter time segments ?


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Hi Nicolas,
The simplest would be to band pass filter the data to your freq range of interest and then you can simply use topoplot.m
As you would be using a rather narrow filter, I recommend you to read this article in order to design a filter that won';t mess up your data.

I cannot think of another option, but I';m interested in the opinion of the community.

On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 5:57 PM, Nicolas LEBAR <nicolas.lebar at etu.univ-amu.fr> wrote:
Hi all!

I';m looking for a way to plot a frequency-band activity (let';s say average alpha 8-12Hz) for 64 electrodes into a topographical map for each subjects (and eventually on a subject average) at a specific time point. The next step is then to have several of these maps for several chronologically different time point. Is there any option to do this, or a direction I can follow to make a script?

Thanks a lot for anything that helps.



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