[Eeglablist] Create unweighted grandaverage for ERP scalp plotting

Camilla Rotvel caro at eng.au.dk
Sun Dec 28 04:43:31 PST 2014

Merry Christmas !

I have 12 .set-files which are all epoched for the same condition. I wish to produce an unweighted average, and to be able to use all the plot options in eeglab, specifically the timtopo-function (eeglab -> plot -> Channel ERP(s) ->  with scalp map).

I have by now tried several different solutions:

1.       From my knowledge ERPlab requires .erp-files, which I do not have, and they are created after epoching by eeglab which I cannot do because the .set-files are already epoched.

2.       I have also tried the 'study' in eeglab: file -> create study -> simple ERP study -> load datasets -> plot ERP(S) -> the plots are clearly visible for all electrodes , but I haven't been able to use the timptopo-function on the grand average. Only the 'Plot ERP(s)'-option is available for some reason.

3.       Lastly I have tried to import a text file with the Grandaverage ERP for each electrode, but eeglab does not allow timtopo on this dataset. I think it only runs timtopo on datasets that are not yet averaged (and contain all epochs).

Please, do you have any suggestions for this issue ? I have already succeeded using the scalp map on the weighted grandaverage by concatenating all epochs, but as explained I'm unsure how to do it when unweighted, but I'm sure it is possible ?

Camilla Arndal Rotvel
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