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Dear Sarah,

Sorry for the slow response. I hope someone have helped you outside the
I recommend average reference since this is least biased. There are related
discussions on the past communication so I recommend you search the keyword
'reference' You can find posts by authors of papers about EEG reference
issues (off the top of my head I remember Joseph Dien for example)


On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 8:58 AM, Sarah Cebulski <
SarahCebulski at cmail.carleton.ca> wrote:

>  ​  Hi everyone,
>    I have collected data using ActiCap's 32 sensor cap and Actichamp
> amplifier.  Data were referenced online to Tp9 (left mastoid), and saved
> this way.  I am wondering:  What is the best reference to use offline?  Is
> it important that I use linked mastoids since the left mastoid was used
> online?  If so, why is this the case?  I am investigating alpha asymmetry,
> and have read that different references can significantly shift alpha power
> (for example, re-referencing to linked mastoids can shift EEG power in the
> alpha frequency band to right, frontal and superficial positions).  For
> this reason, I would like to select my reference thoughtfully, and be able
> to defend this choice.
>    Any suggestions/insight would be much appreciated!
>  Sarah
> Sarah Cebulski
> PhD candidate
> Cognitive Science, Carleton University
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