[Eeglablist] ERSP changes over time

Hendrik Enders endersh at ucalgary.ca
Mon Feb 2 08:27:38 PST 2015

Hello EEGLab users,

I have a project where I am interested in the ERSP for a given event that occurs throughout a session of a continuous EEG recording. The event itself does not change throughout the EEG recordings.
I have completed data cleaning, epoching, ICA decomposition etc. What I would like to explore is the ERSP as a function of time. So I am interested to look at the average ERSP of all events but I would also like to see the average ERSP for the first 10% of all events and the last 10% (or any other percentage) of all events to investigate a potential fatigue effect.

Currently, I have only one event type (let's call it 'onset') and if I calculate the ERSPs in my STUDY it automatically takes all events. Do I need to create multiple events, for example 'onset_early' and 'onset_late' in order to investigate this time effect or can I calculate these ERSPs as a function of time using my study design that I currently have (one event type across the whole recording period)? I would then like to see if there are amplitude changes for the ERD and ERS periods over time.

Thank you.
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