[Eeglablist] Questions about SIFT

MO XIAO dollyzxy at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 09:17:25 PST 2015

Hello everyone,

1- Which filter should I use to filter my data and maintain the causality
since I am looking to use SIFT to estimate dDTF08?

2- Is the down-sampling affects causality across channels since it uses an
anti-aliasing filter?

3- I have a problem about components selection for SIFT. Since I am working
with ICA components, so I use ADJUST or MARA to reject the noisy
components. However, I need to select few components in each region and
remove the unnecessary ones. , do you know any other good ways to do this
According to the SIFT handbook, it said to combined two approaches which
are MARA or ADJUST to remove bad components and estimating the partial
coherence between the all the variables using non-parametric methods (e.g.
FFT or wavelet). I am not quite sure how to manage to do it. Would you mind
share your idea?

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