[Eeglablist] EEGlab problem!

Caitlin Dawson caitlin.dawson at helsinki.fi
Tue Mar 3 14:55:21 PST 2015

I'm having trouble getting EEGlab working for me. It had been working  
fine--I had an older version and am using Matlab version R2012a on a Windows machine and never had any trouble.  All of a  
sudden EEGlab crashed and was saying I had multiple versions.  So I  
deleted the other old versions except for a folder of @memmap  
functions that for some reason won't delete.  I downloaded the latest  
EEGlab, set it on the path and removed the undeletable folder from the  
path.  I'm now getting this error when I try to run EEGlab: "Undefined  
function or variable 'eeglab_options'.

Error in eeglab (line 264)

Anyone else had this difficulty?



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