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Hello Guruprasad,

I apologise in advance for the shameful plug of my own paper.

I have a paper currently being reviewed, where I have done a comparison between the Emotiv, B-Alert, g.Sahara and g.HIamp (using gamma cap), where the g.HIamp was our gold standard. Its called 'Measurement of neural signals from inexpensive, wireless, and dry EEG systems' and I will hopefully be publishing it in the journal 'physiological measurement'. I compared four common neurological phenomena, the Berger effect, SSR, Mis-Match Negativity (MMN) and Event-Related Synchronisation/Desynchronisation (ERS/ERD).

I found that the B-Alert was the best system compared with our gold standard. It's signal quality is almost identical to the g.HIamp.

Hopefully that helps, keep an eye out for my paper if it gets accepted.

Kind regards,



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    I am Guruprasad Madhale Jadav, an engineer and a PhD student in the Techniki Fakultet, University of Rijeka, Croatia. I am working with EEGlab, Matlab and BCI 2000 to do some basic experiments with EEG and ERP in the field of signal processing.
    I am interested to buy some entry level research grade EEG equipment for our lab within a price range of 2000 $, I have Emotiv's EEG reserach headset and I was looking for a little better equipment that would best suite our needs.
    Any suggestion based on your personal experience and research is appreciated.

Best Regards,
Guruprasad Madhale Jadav
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