[Eeglablist] FW: How can I perform spectral power density analysis with eeg lab ?

Alain Imaging alain_imaging at outlook.com
Mon Mar 23 07:47:14 PDT 2015

Hi everybody!

I am pretty green at EEG  and I would need some tips for my analysis.

In the context of a bigger tDCS study with a focus on neuroimaging, we are trying to perform some EEG analysis (actually this analysis are one of the aim of my master theses).

With the device that we are using for tDCS, we can have concurrent tDCS and EEG, but this limit the number of channel that we can use for EEG to 3.
In particular, we are acquiring 5 minutes pre-stimulation EEG, than 25 minutes of concurrent tDCS and EEG, and finally 5 minutes of post-stimulation EEG. The three EEG electrodes are placed at Fz, P3 and P4. The sampling rate is 500 samples/second.

What I would like to do, is compare the power spectrum of the EEG signal (with a focus on alpha, beta and delta bands) before and after the stimulation and between the subjects who get the real stimulation and the subjects who get the sham stimulation (a delta of delta).

How can I perform this kind of analysis ? Which preprocessing steps I need to perform ?

Can you point me toward any article/tutorial that can help me or where I can gather such information ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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