[Eeglablist] Can I manually reorganise the order of trials within set files and save them?

Carolin Sievers (PSY) Carolin.Sievers at uea.ac.uk
Tue Apr 28 07:15:42 PDT 2015

Hello EEGlab community,

I am trying to reorganise the order of trials in my EEG .set files.
I was hoping to use the following function:
EEG = pop_selectevent( EEG, 'epoch',[] ,'deleteevents','off','deleteepochs','on','invertepochs','off');

If I put in parentheses the trials I would like to include, in the order I would like them to be in in a new .set file, will this work?

If this is unclear, here some more details:
Based on behavioural data, we create two or more sub-sets from one EEG recording. However, within these sub-sets, the order in which stimuli were presented is not the same. Is there a way for me to reorganise the order of trials and save that order in a new .set file? E.g.,

List 1
EEG = pop_selectevent( EEG, 'epoch',[1:9] ,'deleteevents','off','deleteepochs','on','invertepochs','off');

List 2
EEG = pop_selectevent( EEG, 'epoch',[2 5 6 1 4 8 9 7 3] ,'deleteevents','off','deleteepochs','on','invertepochs','off');

Thank you very much for your help.

Best wishes,

Carolin Sievers (PSY)
PhD Student
School of Psychology
LSB 0.109
University of East Anglia
Norwich, NR47TJ

Carolin.Sievers at uea.ac.uk<mailto:Carolin.Sievers at uea.ac.uk>
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