[Eeglablist] automatic artifact rejection

Son, D.M.E. van d.m.e.van.son at fsw.leidenuniv.nl
Thu Apr 30 01:37:13 PDT 2015

Dear Eeglab members,

Before manually selecting artifacts in my data, I would like to pre-select artifacts automatically. I have seen that Eeglab provides an automatic epoch rejection toolbox, but specific epoch selection that I would like to make, does not seem to be provided.
e.g.; I would like to remove epochs where the difference between the maximum and minimum in an interval of a selectable length, and the difference between the maximum and minimum in the epoch itself, exceeds a specific value. Also, I'd like to remove epochs wherin the absolute difference between two neighboring sampling points exceeds a certain value.

Does anyone have an idea if this is possible in Eeglab automatically? Or perhaps it is possible that I script this separately?

Many thanks in advance


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