[Eeglablist] EOG Artifact removal before ICA?

Alexander Quent alexander.quent at rub.de
Fri May 29 05:26:46 PDT 2015

I have a more general question concerning the order of steps in
pre-processing process.

Aim: I want to look at negative mean amplitudes between 440 and 540 msec.

My set up:
32 channels of which 4 are used for recording EOG and 1 is used an
additional mastoid reference electrode.

My general plan:
I want to use remove artifacts using ICA. What I am asking myself is
whether it is legitimate to remove EOG artifacts before running the ICA
using a different plugin? Is the apparent redundancy in any way problematic?
This is what I want to do:
1. Removing slow linear trend (high pass filter circa 0.3 Hz)
2. Removing EOG artifacts using BSS with AAR plugin
3. Removing EOG channels
4. Visually inspect data for artifacts
5. Remove bad channels
6. Low pass filter and epoching
7. Run ICA
8. Run ADJUST 1.1
9. Re-reference to linked mastoid and baseline correction

Since this is my first ERP analysis, I am sure whether this pipeline is
legitimate: Especially due to the fact that I want use BSS and ICA, but
also whether it is okay to re-reference to linked mastoid at the end.

Maybe you have some advise for me.

With best regards,
Alexander Quent

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