[Eeglablist] Plotting in scale of Grand Mean ERPs

fabasia at libero.it fabasia at libero.it
Thu Jun 18 12:05:13 PDT 2015

Dear eeglab users & experts, 
I would like to receive your kind support to solve the following topics.
1. When I compare the ERP grand average of  two conditions  with the Plot > Sum/Compare ERPs, I would like to obtain the plot of  the signal of each electrode in the same scale of all the other electrodes.
2. Working with the STUDY workspace, I would like to obain the same as previous item 1, i.e. to have the plot of  the signal of all the electrodes in the same scale.
I would thank you in advance for you kind attention.
Best regards,
Joanna Jarmolowska
Department of Life Sciences
 Psychology Unit "Gaetano Kanizsa"
 University of Trieste

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