[Eeglablist] average reference and connectivity

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Thanks for your input Dezhong,

I've heard of REST and it definitely looks like a sensible alternative that
I might use it in the future. But for now I'm more interested in hearing
whether other people think the average reference is indeed - as I would
argue - less suitable for assessing functional connectivity.



On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 8:56 PM, Dezhong Yao <dyao at uestc.edu.cn> wrote:

> Dear Roy
>       Non-zero reference is a long-standing disgusting problem as there is
> no point on the scalp surface where the potential is zero or constant that
> can be adopted as the dreamed reference.
>      Currently, there are two approaches that are reference -free.
>      One is the well-known sclap Laplaican or called "scalp current
> density",  it is referenece free, however, it is not the original
> "potential" but the deduced "current ", and it is much sensitive to noise,
> careful pre-processings are needed.
>      The other is the "reference electrode standardization
> technique(REST)", which may translate an actual recordings with any a
> physical reference (non zero) to an approximate zero reference (infinity
> reference), it has been evaluated and adopted by many colleagures around
> the world.
> Here is the web of REST:
> http://www.neuro.uestc.edu.cn/rest/
>    the software is free, and if you have any problems, welcome to contact
> us.
>      Best wishes
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