[Eeglablist] Error when precomputing channel measures

Alyson Abel amills at mail.sdsu.edu
Thu Jun 25 11:51:45 PDT 2015

I have an error that is relatively common for me but that I can't seem to
get to the bottom of. Here's the scenario: I have created a study with 12
participants, each with 6 conditions. Looking at each dataset individually,
the number of channels says 62 (as it should, given that I've already
interpolated any missing channels). I want to do a 2x3 comparison so I set
up the study design to concatenate 3 conditions twice. When I begin
precompute channel measures, however, I get the following eeg_getdatact
error "Datasets to be concatenated do not have the same number of
channels".  Again, looking back at the datasets and looking at the ALLEEG
file show the same number of channels across all datasets. Possibly of
importance is that the datasets that are being concatenated are from the
same participant, not combining across participants, thus I really don't
understand why I would get the error that they don't have the number of

I hope this description is clear. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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