[Eeglablist] Insufficient permissions to delete temp files created by EEGLAB script

Alvin Li axl002.ta at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 13:24:33 PDT 2015


I am having trouble with line 227 of mmo.subsasgn (under functions/@mmo of  
eeglab root folder) called from line 85 of firfilt called from line 227 of  
pop_eegfiltnew. Oddly, I cannot find any code on line 85 of firfilt that  
calls the subsasgn function. Line 227 of subsasgn deletes a temporary file  
created by the filtering process stored in the temp folder. The same line  
of code also occurs at line 141 but the script never reaches this line. I  
am using windows 7 through an administrator account running the  EEGLAB  
v13_4_4b on MATLAB 2014a.

When attempting to filter I get a "warning: File not found or permission  
denied" causing the script to print out warnings repeatedly and writing a  
temp file to disk every time the warning is printed. This is odd as prior  
to running the delete function, there is a check to make sure that the  
file being deleted is writable (a check that returns true). When  
attempting to delete the temp file through windows explorer, I get a "this  
file is open in another program (MATLAB)" error.

I have tried the following but was unable to solve the problem:

1. changing the temp folder to another folder where I am certain I have  
sufficient permissions to delete files.
2. running MATLAB as administrator.
3. deleting line 227 of mmo.subsagn (this causes the filtering script to  
create temp files without end slowing it down with disk operations)

I have not encountered this problem when using pop_eegfiltnew on my  
personal computer also running windows 7 but with MATLAB 2012 and the same  
version of EEGLAB. In fact when run pop_eegfiltnew the script never enters  
the subsasgn script and as far as I can tell no temporary files are  

My question is whether this is an issue with EEGLAB or with Matlab/windows  
and if you have any suggestions for solving it. I would like to solve this  
problem because the computer that I am encountering it on is much more  
powerful than my own computer.


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