[Eeglablist] How can I epoch events that preceded a specific response?

Alves Francisco, A.C. (Ana) a.alvesfrancisco at pwo.ru.nl
Tue Aug 4 08:25:49 PDT 2015

Dear all,

I am comparing 2 groups of participants in 4 different conditions (videos with different audiovisual asynchronies).
After each video, the participants were asked to judge whether the video just watched was in-sync (S1) or out-of-sync (S2).
Is there a way of epoching events that were followed by an in-sync response separately from the ones that were followed by an out-of-sync response?
I tried the code below for the in-sync responses (S1), without success..

ep_lim = [-0.8, 2];
tps = {EEG.event.type};
corr_tp = find(strcmp('1', tps));
prev_ev = corr_tp - 1;
EEG = pop_epoch( EEG, {}, ep_lim, 'eventindices', prev_ev);

Thank you for your attention!

ana francisco
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