[Eeglablist] Eye Blink Sampling Rate

Roma Nojan roma.nojan at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 2 22:39:31 PDT 2015

Dear EEGLAB Members:I have  question related to eye blink artifact. I need to know the convenient number of samples that can represent the blink. I have  to know that since I am comparing eye blink event to normal EEG data(EEG data without artifacts) by using an automatic way. At first, I used the same sampling rate which is 250 Hz for both the blink and the normal EEG, but later a friend told me that you can not use the same sampling rate and said 20 Hz  will be enough,so my questions are:1- Is using 20 Hz sampling rate for the blink means that I can not acquire more than 20 samples per second?2-What is the sampling rate that I should use for eye blink?3-What  it means for the blink to have 8-13 Hz rhythm then?4-If I have to down sample the data what is the convenient way to do that ?I will appreciate that if you can also send me sources that can help me about the eye blink behavior.Thank you in advance Marwa
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