[Eeglablist] pre-clustering problems

Fernanda Pérez Gay Juárez fernandapgj at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 10:21:35 PDT 2015

Hello. I'm trying to run the PCA on a Study of 10 datasets, in which I
compare 2 groups of 5 subjects each.

When I intend to build the pre.clustering matrix, and I select spectra and
ERPs (without changing any further settings) I get the following error:

std_preclust (line 260) error

"Some datasets not included in preclustering because of partial STUDY
design. You need to use a STUDY design that includes all datasets.,

(Error occurred in function std_preclust() at line 260)."

My study design has 10 subjects selected, no independent variable 1 and
"group" as independent variable 2. There are 2 groups, "L" (for Learners)
and "NL" (for Non-Learners).

What should I change to be able to pre-cluster?

I attached a screenshot of the Study Design.


Fernanda Pérez Gay, MD
PhD Candidate
Integrated Program in Neuroscience
McGill University
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