[Eeglablist] Applying ICA weights from 1Hz filtered data to 0.1Hz filtered data

Neil Bailey neil.bailey at monash.edu
Wed Aug 19 20:29:22 PDT 2015

Hi all

I'm having trouble applying my ICA weights from 1Hz filtered data to my
0.1Hz filtered data.

I've been trying to use a script adapted from a previous post by Stefan
Debener to take the ICA weights out of the 1Hz data and put them into the
0.1Hz data. The script is effective for transfering the ICA weights (they
show up in the EEG.ica... sections of the 0.1Hz dataset), but when I plot
the 0.1Hz dataset the components that I removed are still in the trace (ie.
eye blinks remain in the trace). An example section of the script I'm using
is listed below.

I'm applying the ICAs to epoched data rather than continuous data, but I
can't see that that would be the problem. Am I missing a required step?
Like perhaps removing the artifact components?

Load 1Hz filtered data set after ICA has been conducted and bad components
have been removed, then:

>>* TMP.icawinv = EEG.icawinv;
*>>* TMP.icasphere = EEG.icasphere;
*>>* TMP.icaweights = EEG.icaweights;
*>>* TMP.icachansind = EEG.icachansind;
*>>>>* % apply to epoched dataset
*>>* clear EEG;
*>>* EEG = pop_loadset('filename', [SUBJ{s}, '_bcgrem.set'],
'filepath', PATHIN);
*>>* EEG.icawinv = TMP.icawinv;
*>>* EEG.icasphere = TMP.icasphere;
*>>* EEG.icaweights = TMP.icaweights;
*>>* EEG.icachansind = TMP.icachansind;
*>>* clear TMP;
*>>* EEG = pop_saveset(EEG, 'filename',[SUBJ{s}, '_epoched.set'],
*>>* 'filepath',PATHOUT);
*>>* [ALLEEG, EEG, CURRENTSET] = eeg_store(ALLEEG, EEG, 0);
*>>>>* end
*>>* eeglab redraw;*

Kind regards,

Neil Bailey (PhD)
Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre
Neil.Bailey at Monash.edu
(03) 9076 5032
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