[Eeglablist] Large data file appears empty

Lexie Tabachnick ltabachnick at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 08:41:12 PDT 2015

We have been running an experiment trying to collect ABR data using the
Brainvision EP-PreAmp and Actichamp system. We ran several successful tests
with short versions of our experiment, about 10-15 minutes of recording. We
were able to process the data in eeglab and saw the components we were

We have recently been running our full experiment, recording for about
45-50 minutes. The files are necessarily much bigger. The test .eeg files
were ~150mb and the full .eeg files are ~550mb. All of our Brainvision
equipment seems to working (amps, batteries, electrodes), and we are able
to get our impedances low before recording. However, when we import the
vhdr files into eeglab, it looks like there's no data there. We are
thinking this might be an eeglab problem - perhaps the file is too large
and something's getting lost in the import?  Any advice would be greatly

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