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Campbell, Alana M alana_campbell at med.unc.edu
Mon Aug 31 07:34:50 PDT 2015

At University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Immediately available research technician to study brain signals in neuropsychiatry and neurodevelopmental disorders, including schizophrenia and autism. The research utilizes electrophysiological recording methods to identify functional alterations associated with brain networks in neuropathological diseases and in individuals at risk. The individual would work with a team of investigators at UNC and the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities.

Job Responsibilities Include:
*        Acquisition of EEG data from infants, children and adults.
*        Implementatation of signal processing methods.
*        Assistance in the development of new processing tools and pipelines. The research technician will work with a team of programmers and faculty scientists from the UNC Neurocognition and Imaging Research Lab  to help formulate future strategies and concepts for a wide array of tools that provide a well integrated and comprehensive software toolkit for biological signal processing.
*        Bachelors level education (in psychology, engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, or related fields) WITH prior experience acquiring and analyzing EEG data using BIOSEMI, Neuroscan, or EGI systems.
*        Good communication skills and an ability to work with a dynamic team of investigators are necessary.
*        Experience with Matlab and EEGLAB.
*        Programming knowledge.
*        Research experience with clinical populations.

Please contact Dr. Aysenil Belger (abelger at med.unc.edu<mailto:abelger at med.unc.edu>) or Dr. Alana Campbell (Alana_Campbell at med.unc.edu).

Alana Campbell

Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Department of Psychiatry and the UNC CIDD
CB #7160

phone: 919-843-3140
alana_campbell at med.unc.edu<mailto:alana_campbell at med.unc.edu>

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